2018’s Meanderings – part 1

July 20, 2018 0 By Christopher

Sunset at Toberonochy

At last I get to tell you all about my cruising this summer.  It seems like I have been back an age already, so I had better get something down on the screen before I forget!  I will break the cruise down into 3 stages: the fitting out and the first 10 days, during which I wandered singlehanded, the main 3 weeks when I had Olly Epsom as crew, and a final few days and wrap-up of my season (seems early to be wrapping the season up, but I have to go back to sea… 🙁

I got back from sea in late May, and soon afterwards embarked on my final scheme of works to get Meander ready for sea and back in the water.  I had left her part-ready – in fact, the yard agreed to put the masts back in before I went back to sea, it being spring already, and I had painted the decks, cockpit and inside of the bulwarks before I struck the tent, and also spent a happy (!) week in the shed ;

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