Meander gets her bottom wet again – at last!

May 12, 2015 0 By Christopher

In the chilly hours of the early (-ish) morning on Monday 4th May, Loch Creran sea life once again tasted the fresh coat of antifouling on Meander’s bottom, as she floated for the first time since September 2013.  Following the usual checks for water coming in where it shouldn’t (it didn’t), Peter the Beta started first time, and clicked into gear to pull Meander out of the hoist and round to the loading pontoon for his trials to start.

This momentous event was prefaced by a week’s frantic work to get the last bits of preparatory work completed in time.  The topsides received a fresh coat of black paint, the bottom was scraped and received two coats of antifouling, and the spars all received several coats of ;

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