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A professional seafarer in command of large sailing ships, I have ambitions to make a living somehow from writing in order to fund my serious sailing habit. So far it's not going that well. In the meantime I spend all my money maintaining my gaff ketch, Meander, and not maintaining a weird cottage on the Isle of Seil.

Rio, Second Time Round

Well, I got back into the swing of work again in time to embark the new voyage crew on Nellie and extract her from her cozy berth in Punta, bound for the exotic shores of Brazil. The purpose of this blog, however, is not to give a blow-by-blow account of the voyage – go to…

By Chris May 11, 2014 0


Lima.  We rolled in to the terminal in the bus from Nasca in the early afternoon, and Franco, who had identified himself in his emails as “staff” of the hostel we had booked to stay in, was there to meet us.  He had soon flagged down a taxi (one of the slightly decrepit, cheap ones,…

By Chris April 21, 2014 0

Altiplano and then desert again

So we left Puno as per the revised plan, and headed to Cusco. The bus journey, surrounded by the usual collection of Andean characters and their colourful bundles of belongings, went through some fantastic mountain scenery, soon leaving the plains and travelling through green valleys between impressive peaks, and passing through country towns, which mostly…

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To Val-a-paraisa round the Horn

After a very comfortable night in our home-from-home in Punta Arenas, Hospedaje Magellanes, we got a taxi to the airport in good time, and checked in for our flight to Puerto Montt (apparently, “Muerto Montt” to the locals, reflecting the exciting nature of the town, which is effectively a transport hub for those travelling to…

By Chris March 31, 2014 0

Ushuaia, Antarctica and thence on leave

First I all, my sincere apologies to my loyal reader for not having posted anything for weeks. The Iridium dome is completely dead, and the replacement which was to be brought down to Ushuaia prior to our departure for the Antarctic was apprehended by Argentine customs as an illegal import, and is awaiting payment of…

By Chris March 15, 2014 0

Rain, Ecoloos and the Marlborough Sound

We left our somewhat basic hostel in Fox Glacier to drive up the wild West Coast as far as our next hostel near Westport, which promised to be interesting at the very least. The drive took us once again through some areas of stunning scenery, and we stopped at Hokitika, capital of the West Coast…

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