A New Adventure Begins

July 17, 2019 0 By Christopher

After having Meander up for sale for just a few days shy of a year, she has finally sold and I can now write a blog again without risk of jinxing my attempts at a sale. My apologies for the long hiatus in my writings, but I promise I will try harder from now and make this my primary means of telling the world what I’m up to as I’m finding Facebook less and less enjoyable to use.

The process of selling Meander took some time, but I had a steady trickle of enquiries from the start, and I thought that I had a sale in late January, which would, for several reasons, have turned out to be a highly favourable deal for me. Sadly this fell through due to the buyer’s bank accounts being hit by fraudsters soon after paying me a deposit, and the process started again. I had had a serious enquiry from another party, who blew quite hot and cold about the fact of her ferrocement ;

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